winter driving tipsSome people who care a lot about auto accident risks have some winter driving tips for you. Sure, drivers and passengers are concerned, but the folks that end up paying for many winter driving incidents also have a lot at stake. This article from State Farm is helpful, especially for the important tips on driving in severe weather, such as ice and snow.

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The article advises drivers to:

  • Take it easy – slow and steady is the way to go in this weather. Start slowly and go easy on the brakes.
  • Maintain visibility – keep windshields clear so you can see what is happening.

slowing down and increasing concentration can make a big difference

Other kinds of severe weather driving situations are covered, including rain, wind, thunderstorms, tornadoes and such, but the advice that matters most to drivers in New York winter are probably those about snow and ice.

Take a moment to be prepared, and look out for drivers who are not taking as much care as you in winter weather driving.