Recovered Stolen Vehicle Repair

recovered stolen autoWhen a stolen car or truck is recovered, it very often has extensive damage. IT is bad enough to discover your car was stolen, but when thieves start by breaking into your car, they commonly leave a trail of destruction that can be devastating.

Security, audio, body, engine, transmission, and every other system in your car needs to be examined by competent experts so you don’t end up with more unwelcome surprises when you drive home after the repairs.

At Kings County Auto Body, our certified staff go over your car from bumper to bumper, roof to undercarriage, inside and out to make sure everything wrong is found, corrected, and included in your insurance claim.

When you get back into your car, get the satisfaction of knowing the criminals have lost and justice prevailed. You pay for the car and insurance, so the best way to make sure you get what you pay for is to use experts in recovered stolen vehicle inspection and repair. Call 718-399-9500 now to get started.