Frequently Asked Questions

tow truckWhat should I do if I am involved in an accident?
No need to panic. We are ready to assist, 24 hours a day. Just call 718-399-9500 for help with your car repair and insurance claim. Learn more about protecting your rights.

Do I need to use the insurance company recommended repair shop?
No. You have the right to choose who examines, repairs, and inspects your automobile. Find out how to avoid manipulation by insurers and designated service providers.

Is your work guaranteed?
All parts are covered by the part manufacturer’s warranty and all work is guaranteed for the life of the vehicle under the current owner. Enjoy complete peace of mind with a car that is restored to pre-collision condition.

crescent wrenchDo you pick up and deliver cars?
Yes, our 24-hour pick up and towing service is ready when you need it, and we will gladly deliver your vehicle in our service area when work is completed.

Do you offer loaner cars?
Yes, free loaner cars are available when covered by the insurance policy.

What should I do when my lease is ending?
Let us help you find out what problems need correction to avoid costly lease end penalties, and what you can leave alone. Our thorough inspection process and understanding of lease clauses can get you the best deal possible. See how we handle lease termination.