In our review of car and driving infographics, the top of the list in accident prevention infographics is dominated by the legal services sector, with only one of our top four coming from an insurer.

Our suggestions for the top accident prevention infographics are:

auto accident claimsTitan Insurance reports on auto accident insurance claims. The graphic is informative and pleasant, with an almost grim wheel of misfortune theme. This somewhat quirky design quickly moves into some serious territory. Among the parts we found surprising:

…it is TWICE as likely that a vehicle will hit an animal than get stolen or damaged in a storm.

That risk is not spread evenly over the day. Deer and some other animals are more active, and more likely to come into contact with roads and traffic, around dawn and dusk.

Another interesting quote: 18% of accidents occur between midnight and 1 AM.


Distraction, speeding and intoxication

distracted driving nycThe 3 biggest causes of accidents in this infographic from, originating from Sinnamon Motor Accident Legal Service in Australia.

About 28% of all accidents are caused by driver distraction.

Technology like mobile phones … account for around 15% of distraction related accidents.

Drivers are also distracted by pedestrians, shop signage, advertising billboards, and other attention grabbers. This graphic is popular, perhaps because it is focused on a small set of points in a clear and attractive manner.

3/4 of Driving Fatalities are Male

auto body repair brooklyn The National Trial Lawyers have some sobering statistics displayed in the high-contrast yellow on black infographic that has award-quality clarity and emphasizes the most extreme outcomes of auto accidents. Among the most notable quotes:

Nearly 25% of all accidents involve someone talking on a cell phone.

Red and blue cars have lower accident rates than white cars.

Also noted, the large proportion of car accident fatalities related to alcohol consumption – 1/3 of all fatalities. Car accidents accounted for a larger share of teen deaths than suicide, gun violence, drugs, or alcohol.

Points for Content and Style

auto collision repair brooklynBoth go to Gonzalez & Cartwright, P.A. personal injury attorneys, for their infographic notable for innovative icons, such as the cast/bandaged-legged person on crutches and the figure kneeling in the cemetery. This item brings out the age-related risk of one group of drivers.

20-29 year-old drivers are:

Responsible for a larger share of accidents than any other age group.

More likely to drink and drive than any other age group.

Honorable Mention

auto theft recovery nycTwo posts that get a lot of attention, are the NBC Nightly News post about cart theft and recovery. No big surprise that border states have higher rates of auto theft and recovery.

Interesting to note: black cars are stolen more often than other colors.


Nauto body paint brooklynationwide Insurance gives a view of what ownership of the USA’s approximately 253 million cars looks like if they are represented by a parking lot of 100 vehicles. SUV’s edge out sedans, and but each of those categories has more vehicles than all remaining categories combined.

Nostalgic losses since the past century: convertibles and station wagons are down to 1% each.