Expert Auto Body Repair Brooklyn NY & Region

Over 35 years of experience with auto body repair in Brooklyn and the metro NY area, including:

  • All of New York City, upstate NY, Catskills, Monroe, Monsey, Spring Valley, Pomona, New Square, etc.
  • New Jersey including Lakewood, Bergen County, Patterson, Teaneck, Elizabeth, and surrounding areas.
  • 24-hour towing, FREE pick-up and drop off service, available on-site loaners with appropriate insurance coverage.

auto body repair NYAuto body repair has been our specialty. We are proud to excel in every stage of auto body repair. From start to finish, we use the best and the latest techniques. We pull it all together to make it all go well for you and your vehicle. From fender benders and dings to bigger events, we put it all back together again.

Concerned about how well the car will drive after a big event? No worries – we use tools and techniques to detect even the slightest variance from normal. Then, we work to then correct everything from the chassis up and outward. Auto body repair starts with the skeleton, so we measure and correct any misalignment. Our equipment is calibrated to be sensitive to millimeter-sized defects, so your auto can get a really good foundation.

After the frame and chassis comes the body. Auto body repair technicians repair and replace body parts in a gradual process, building by layers to make a complete skin for the vehicle. The auto body repairs need to be tested and measured throughout the process. Constant quality control helps make sure all the parts come together as a whole that offers the optimal balance of strength, resilience, and aerodynamics.

auto body repair mid A great paint job can only go onto a car or truck that is ready. In our auto body repair shop, we touch every surface as many times as needed to get the smoothest surface and best edge alignment. We work for a body that will allow smooth air flow, and a surface that will allow light to dance along the surface and delight the eye.

When it comes to auto body repair Brooklyn NY is the epicenter of the happy customer experience for NY and Northern NJ. People like you come back to Kings County Auto Body for the good service and quality repairs.

We bring your car in and give you the good, fast, and friendly auto body repair service with:

  • Total damage inspection.
  • Ultra-accurate body alignment.
  • Quality parts for all repairs.
  • Certified expert workmanship.
  • Mechanical and cosmetic excellence.
  • Every step inspected and guaranteed.
  • Complete auto insurance handling.
  • 24-hr towing, loaner cars, car pickup & drop off.

Call 718-399-9500 to get the highest quality body work for your auto, from one of the most popular auto body shops in the new York/New Jersey area.

Auto Body Repair Brooklyn NY

Use 24 hour towing, free pickup, or drive your car to our location. We’ll go over your car thoroughly and print a computer quote on the spot. If you are waiting, we can arrange a courtesy ride or loaner car for you. When the insurance adjuster is done, we get authorization to repair your car. Auto body repairs are done by our trained and certified staff, using quality parts and materials. Body repairs are gradually brought to perfection. Paint is mixed by computer and applied for an exact color matching flawless glossy finish. We process the insurance claim, then clean and return your car.

We make it easy for you to enjoy getting what you want when you think auto body repair Brooklyn NY, NYC, mountains, NJ, and other places where people like you live and work. Contact us for more information or to arrange work on your vehicle.

When your van, truck, or car has a dent, scratch, or is folded into an unnatural position, Kings County Auto body is your

Expert Auto Body Repair Brooklyn NY & Region

Trouble with your auto insurance company? Try these for serious disputes, or contact us for more information:

New York Automobile Owners Resource Center

New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance